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Dog Obedience Classes

Dog Obedience classes are held in the Dry Gulch Building at the 3C Event Complex (255 Sheckler Road)
Pre-registration for all classes is required
The cost is $70 per dog (some discounts are available)

     Beginner/Intermediate class with Carla
     For dogs over 4.5 months old
     6 class session on Mondays
     Classes from 6:35-7:35 p.m.

     Puppy Class with Carla
     For puppies aged 9 weeks to 4.5 months
     6 class session on Mondays
     Classes from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

     Advanced Class with Thora
     7 class session on Wednesdays
     Classes at 6:00 pm

PLEASE NOTE: CCPR Dog Obedience classes are not designed to correct aggressive behaviors in participating canines. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviors require special, one-on-one training that is not provided in these classroom setting sessions. Any dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviors will be asked to cease attendance at discretion of instructor. 

Attendance Information

  • Signed Hold Harmless Agreements/Disclaimers are required from each participant. If the participant has been registered under a different person's account, they can sign a paper copy on the first day of class under their own name.

  • Copies of shot records and rabies certificate are required to register for class. These forms can be dropped off at 325 Sheckler Road, emailed to, or faxed to 775-423-7734.

  •  Bring treats for your pet – something they really like, classes are based on a reward system.

  • The instructor recommends you do not feed your pet before class.

  • Bring your pet on a buckle collar and a leash. No harnesses. Choke chains are allowed, if your pet requires one.

  • Any specific questions, call Carla at 775 . 867 . 5911 or Thora at 775 . 867 . 2842.